Haunted Village

The Haunted Village ill be two weekends starting Friday October 21st at 7:00pm and Saturday October 22nd at 7:00pm we close at 10:00pm and Friday Oct. 28th and Oct. 29th from 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Annual Old Timers Reunion

The 39th Annual Sacramento Mountain Historical Society’s “Old Timers Reunion” will be held in the Cloudcroft High School Commons Area

It will be May 13th, 2017 at 12:00pm.  The Otero Cowbells will be providing and serving delicious BBQ, Beans and Rolls, the rest is pot luck, so please bring a vegetable, or salad or dessert, enough for your party.

The public is invited, we would love to see you there!!

High Rolls / Mountain Park History

by Pat Rand
Mexicans who settled in the Tularosa Basin in the mid-1880s obtained water rights to graze cattle in the fertile canyons of the Sacramento Mountains. By the 1880s, homesteaders discovered the area, bought the water rights and began establishing farms.

David M. Sutherland located in the High Rolls area in 1883 and was soon followed by Francisco Maes and Cipriano Tefoya, who came up from La Luz in 1884 and settled in the Mountain Park area. P.M. “Uncle Button” Nelson, Jack Tucker and William Karr married sisters and moved into the region in 1885. Other early settlers included I.Q. Snow, Hamilton Kimberlin, Michael Mulchay, George Van Sickle, Eugene Sullivan, Fletcher and James Thompson, J .M. Bennett, Venturo Giron, George Wofford, Charlie McClure, Antonio Vargas and Ben Wooten.

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