About Us

Before the turn of the twentieth century, settlers began to flock to the beautiful Sacramento Mountains, encroaching on the Mescalero Apaches who already made their homes in the cool timbers. Some came looking for a better country for permanent settlement. Others were interested in harvesting timber to build a railroad from El Paso to points north. Still others came on holiday, finding respite in the cool breezes and mild temperatures of what the Apaches once termed as Pisacah, “a place of plenty.”

Come visit the Sacramento Mountains Museum & Pioneer Village and learn the fascinating story of these resilient peoples as they struggled against the elements and against one another to tame the environs and claim a portion of it as their own.

See exhaustive exhibits of the history of Cloudcroft. Imagine the growth of the Village as you view models of the little “impossible” railroad and panoramic photographs of the old Lodge and other significant landmarks.

Stroll through the Pioneer Village and learn about the early farming and ranching industry and life ways in a rugged log cabin.

Research families, individuals or events that helped to shape the spirit of the land.

Browse the General Store for nostalgic souvenirs hand crafted by mountain residents.

Stage your special event in the lovely Chapel nestled amidst the whispering aspens.

Plan your visit to Cloudcroft to include a tour of the Sacramento Mountains Museum & Pioneer Village located on Highway 82 directly across the street from the Chamber of Commerce.

It is a must-see!